2013 Round 1 Results and Videos

The results from Round 1 of the 2013 Supermoto Streetstyle Video Comp are in!  Thanks to all the competitors, filmers, and editors for participating in this one of a kind online competition.

 In the Supermoto Class, Townsend Terris came through with a wig splitting clip takin the $500 home for first place.  He scored a 133 out of a perfect 170 with unique and creative use of obstacles, absolutely murdering his yz 125 2 stroke.  I mean, come on, did you see him jump out of a moving truck into a wheelie?!!!  He did his homework and filled in almost all the categories on the scorecard with authority.  Nemanja came in second place, but not by much. His clip was a little short, but packed a punch.  The filming, editing, transitions, and timing scored real high with the professionally produced clip.  He stepped up is circle game this year, and still through down some crazy straight line combos that no one else touched.  Niklas Sandell posted his first clip this season with a 3rd place score of 95.  He used creative camara angles and great editing to give us a tour of his hometown, streetstyle!  He stepped it up a notch busting some moves on the ice!!!  Just behind Niklas with a 90 was Ben Nelson.  Ben is also a rookie to the video comp and posted up a sweet clip.  Ben was the only rider to rock some no handed wheelies and i even saw a no hand sit down circle in there!!  It was real close for the bottom 3 and leaving just one section blank on the scorecard makes all the difference to the overall points. 

1)  Townsend Terris          133       $500 cash, Bell Helmet

2) Nemanja                       102       $250 store credit

3) Niklas Sandell                 95       $150 Store credit 

4) Ben Nelson                     90        $50 store credit